1. NO means NO!

If someone tells you no to something then respect their wishes and stop doing what they asked you to stop doing. Use some tact when you approach someone.

2. No Smoking inside THE HOUSE at all.

You must go outside by the pool to smoke. We also must keep the party inside THE HOUSE and out by the pool. No outside in the front of the house. We don't want to bring no unnecessary attention to the party from our neighbors. 

3. Sex and nudity are allowed in designated areas anytime

Have fun and enjoy yourselves at the party. If you would like to be naked, go naked. If you would like to have sex in public, then have sex at your table, on the dance floor, on the couch, or anywhere else that you like. Sex and nudity are allowed everywhere at THE HOUSE. If you have sex in the hot tub or pool make sure she swallows!!  Do not make them dirty and slimy!


Please DO NOT bring any kind of illegal drugs to the party.  The last thing that any of us want is to bring unwanted attention to the club. No sharing of prescription drugs is allowed.

5. No hard alcohol is allowed

The only alcoholic beverages that you may bring are beer and wine products. If you are unsure of what is considered hard alcohol just remember this: If you can buy it at a grocery store, gas station, or convenience store then it is ok to bring with you.  If you can only buy it at an ABC store then it is not allowed.

6. Excessive drinking will not be tolerated

We want you to have fun and enjoy the party but we do not want you falling down and getting hurt or hurting others. Some people have a tendency to say things to someone that they would not normally say and we do not want to hurt anyone's feelings or cause a problem. If you do drink make sure that you have a designated driver, we do not want anyone to leave our party under the influence of alcohol. If you can't drive then stay until you sober up. Or get a hotel if there isn't room for you to stay here overnight.

7. No fighting

Before you come to THE HOUSE please talk to your partner and discuss what you both are comfortable with. Do not do something that you or your partner is uncomfortable with and causes an argument. If a discussion becomes heated, do not argue, scream, or yell in front of everyone. If you cannot settle your differences, please take it home; don't wait for us to ask you to leave. If we do, you wont be invited to the next party.

8. No still photos, video or digital cameras are allowed.

We respect everyone's right to privacy. We do not take pictures of anyone and we do not allow cameras at the party. We also ask that no one use their cell phone camera to take pictures. If we see anyone taking pictures with their cell phone we will ask you to leave the party.

9. Do not touch anyone without asking

There are often naked people walking around or having sex at the party and even some ladies giving lap dances. If you see someone that you would like to play with you must ask first, DO NOT walk up to someone and just start touching them without asking first. If a lady is giving you a lap dance, ask her first, if it is okay to touch her as she is dancing for you.  Just because she is naked and dancing for you does not mean that she wants to be touched. If a couple is having sex, ask first if it is okay to touch or play with them. DO NOT just start rubbing on someone, sticking your fingers, or placing your hands where they do not belong.

10. Please plan to be at THE HOUSE by 10:30 pm.

We will lock the door at 10:30 pm. So if you cant make it by then please do not make your reservation that week. No one will be let in after that.