Would be nice to say the party didn't cost us anything to put on, But it does. With that being said, A "THANK YOU" card in an envelope would be nice. It must be in an envelope.

Donations depend on the type of party we having on that particular night.

Saturday Night Parties Couples Single Females
Night 7pm - 2am 40 - 45 15 - 25
Gang Bang Parties Couples Single Females Single Males
Gang Bang 7pm - 2am 40 - 45 15 - 25 40 - 45

We do not accept cash at the door as that would put us in a business category. We do not want to be a business. This helps to offset some of the cost of the party you attend and helps us provide a private place for couples to enjoy the lifestyle.

Your thank you helps to ensure the quality and freshness of the food and beverages available to you. We furnish soft drinks, as well as food and snacks. In our on-premise rooms you will find an assortment of personal items including condoms, lube, and wipes that make the lifestyle exploration clean and safe.

There is no mandatory donation.