If you would like to attend one of our parties, we would be happy to add you to the guest list.

All we ask is that you send us your first names and 2 photos of you both. If you currently have a profile posted on a swing site please send us the name of the site and your screen name there as well. This will assist us knowing who is walking through the door at our parties.

We do limit the number of couples to 40 couples and 5 single females on Saturday nights. Our Friday night parties we allow 30 single males, 20 couples or single females. Don't be discouraged if we say 'not this time'. That way we can decide on how much food we will need to prepare, and on other things that we may need. We also understand that life happens and other events come up at the last minute that will change whether or not you make it to our party. Please send us an email to cancel if possible. This way we can draw from our waiting list.

Please upload at least 2 - 3 G-rated images
And please wait for images to upload!

Still not working? Send it by email.