What is The House?

THE HOUSE is a PRIVATE residence that we share for exclusive lifestyle parties.

Who can come to The House?

Our parties are by invitation only. There is a nice crowd of people who come to our parties of all backgrounds, ages, and experience. Anyone that would like to attend one of our parties must email us with a picture so we know who is coming. We can only allow 35 couples and 5 single females to the party. The couples that attend our parties come from all walks of life but share one thing in common; they want their lifestyle experience to be a PRIVATE matter.

How much does it cost to come to The House?

Please see our donations page.

What are the facilities like at The House?

We have a large party/group area with seating, a full kitchen, sitting room with XXX video, bathrooms, on-premise rooms that are open all evening so you can play when you are ready, hot tub, 16' x 40' in-ground pool and outside seating as well.

Do you sell or serve alcohol at The House?

No. We do not buy, sell, serve, or hold any alcohol at our parties. Our parties are BYOB, so you may bring your own alcohol; however, that is limited to beer and wine products only. No hard alcohol will be allowed on the property due to NC laws. We also do not take or hold your alcohol for you; we do have two refrigerators that you may use to place your drinks in to keep cool, but we are not responsible for or keep an eye on your drinks. The refrigerators are open to everyone to use and are in plain sight for everyone to see. That does not mean someone might accidentally grab your drink by mistake. If you are unsure, then you are more than welcome to bring a cooler to place your drinks in and keep with you.

Do you have to "swing or play" at The House?

Absolutely not. There is NO pressure at all to swing. THE HOUSE is fun and where new couples, soft swingers, and experienced alike can explore the lifestyle in a relaxed, sensual, and private environment. THE HOUSE rooms are open all evening so couples who want to play can play at anytime. In our private rooms couples may entertain other couples or just enjoy themselves. Our party room is open all evening as well and hosts lots of hot action during an evening. There are no scheduled or structured swinging activities at THE HOUSE. Participation in the lifestyle is an individual choice and not required or expected.

Do you have to be a member?

No. There is no membership at THE HOUSE. It is a totally private party and is not open to the public. We do not ask for any personal information such as your home address, phone number or email address. THE HOUSE is an invite only party.

Do I have to sign anything?

Yes. The only thing that everyone who attends our parties must sign is an agreement form that states you are at least 21 years old and understand that our parties are of an adult nature and you are not offended by nudity or adult situations. Also, that we do not sell, serve or provide alcohol to anyone and no drugs are allowed on our property. It also states that if you are a member of the media or law enforcement, then you are at our club of your own free will and not here to gather anyone's personal information or make anyone's personal information/identity known to the general public. This agreement is then securely filed away and never given to anyone.

Are there Non-Smoking areas of The House?

Yes. The inside of THE HOUSE is all non-smoking. You may smoke outside in the pool area, but please respect that this is a private residence and use the ashtrays that are provided.

Are there hotels in the area?

Yes. There are 10 hotels within 2 miles. If you want a list of the hotels email us. If you don't want to drive from the hotel to the party we will come and pick you up from the hotel. Also take you back to the hotel. We will run back and forth once every hour if needed. At THE HOUSE we know couples that drink responsibly and have designated drivers, which is common sense. If you drink too much and need a ride to the hotel, there will be someone there that can drive you. Not everyone drinks. Everyone should know, a drunk swinger is not going to be fun for anyone here at THE HOUSE.