We lock the door at 10:30 pm. If you can't make it to the party before then, please do not make your reservation for that week.
No one will be let in after 10:30pm.


Saturday the 16th
Balloon Bust Contest
7:00 PM

Here we go all you hot couples. The game is very easy and alot of fun! First you have to blow up 2 balloons and pop them. One chest to chest and the second from behind. One person in the couple has to be topless and one has to be bottomless. This is all clocked and the couple with the best time gets a $50 dollar gift certificate. Second place is a HOUSE pass. You will love this game! B&A THE HOUSE
Saturday the 30th
Toga Party
7:00 PM

Ok its time to party like they did back in the days long ago. So get ready and make a Toga! Grab an old sheet and look on google how to make your toga. Be creative. Lets have some good fun! Would like to see everyone dress the part but not necessary. B&A
Sunday the 31st
7:00 PM

New Years Eve We hope you spend your New Years Eve with us here at THE HOUSE. We will have party favors, hats, and something to toast the New Year in with. So make plans to join us. Plenty of time to make plans. So hurry and make your reservations and join us. Donation is still the same at our New Years Party just like our regular parties. We will be serving a special dinner at 9pm. Prime Rib & . . . . . You wont be disappointed ! Regular food as always from 6pm all night. So make your reservations before they are all gone. We only allow 35 couples to each party.


Saturday the 13th
Mens Dress Shirt & Stockings
7:00 PM

Ok ladies we have been asked again to do a men's dress shirt and stockings party. Very sexy so try to dress the part.... So get your mans comfy dress shirt some sexy stockings and get ready to party. Guys come dressed nice for all of the sexy ladies here. SEE YOU SOON THE HOUSE
Saturday the 27th
Swinger Wed Game Night
7:00 PM

Our Version of THE NEWLYWED Game Ok get ready to play. Lets see how well you know each other. We will draw for 5 couples to play the game. There will be a total of 13 questions. Played just like the TV version. Questions will be alittle different LOL. There will be 4 five point questions, 4 ten point questions, 4 twenty point questions and 1 bonus question worth fifty points. That could be a total of 190 points. In the beginning you will be asked to write down what you think your total score will be. That is incase there is a tie. The couple guessing closest to there score without going over will win, if there is a tie. There will be a first and second place prize. So get your reservation request in soon before we fill up! See you all Soon! THE HOUSE


Saturday the 10th
Micro Skirt Night
7:00 PM

Ok ladies, come dressed in your favorite little skimpy skirt or dress. The one you can only wear for certain occasions. Like NOW, this occasion! If you dress the theme you will be entered into a drawing for a HOUSE pass. So be sexy and we all want to know what ou are wearing under that dress or skirt!!...... See you soon. THE HOUSE
Saturday the 24th
Lap Dance Contest
7:00 PM

Lap Dance Contest Ok ladies, its time to show us your best lap dance. That's right practice your moves now and get ready to dance. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to do it. (just Girls this time) The contest will start at 11pm. Everyone can vote just not for themselves or there spouses. There will be a first and second place. We will give away gift cards worth, 1st place 50, 2nd place 25. So get your reservation requests in now for the drawing to fill spots we have open. See you soon! THE HOUSE

If you would like to come to the party, go to the reservations page and follow the instructions.