We lock the door at 10:30 pm. If you can't make it to the party before then, please do not make your reservation for that week.
No one will be let in after 10:30pm.


Saturday the 24th
Lap Dance Contest
7:00 PM

Lap Dance Contest Ok ladies, its time to show us your best lap dance. That's right practice your moves now and get ready to dance. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to do it. (just Girls this time) The contest will start at 11pm. Everyone can vote just not for themselves or there spouses. There will be a first and second place. We will give away gift cards worth, 1st place 50, 2nd place 25. So get your reservation requests in now for the drawing to fill spots we have open. See you soon! THE HOUSE


Saturday the 10th
Mardi Gras Party
7:00 PM

Beads Beads and more Beads. Everyone wants beads. When you come in you will get your very own beads. For you to do what you want to with them, give them away take them home... At 1:00 the couple with the most beads wins a gift certificate to a restaurant in Raleigh. You can do alot of things to get beads. Ask for beads, flash some leg or ...? You can also go for the extreme and do someone a hot favor. That is all up to you to decide. You can where a Mardi Gras mask or maybe just something sexy to help you get your beads. Would be nice to say the party didn't cost us anything to put on, But it does. With that being said, A THANK YOU card in an envelope would be nice. It must be in an envelope. From our experience the thank you cards we have received have had between 35 or 45 in them. We do not accept cash at the door as that would put us in a business category. We do not want to be a business. This helps to offset some of the cost of the party you attend and helps us provide a private place for couples to enjoy the lifestyle. Your thank you helps to ensure the quality and freshness of the food and beverages available to you. We furnish soft drinks, as well as food and snacks. In our on-premise rooms you will find an assortment of personal items including condoms, lube, and wipes that make the lifestyle exploration clean and safe. We are BYOB as well. Party is from 7pm till 2am. Blair THE HOUSE
Saturday the 24th
Pass The Dirty Word Game
7:00 PM

This is a new game we came up with and should be alot of fun. The first person will say a dirty word then the second person will say that word and add another word. The third person will say those two words and add the thrid word. That will keep going until a person cant say all the words in order. They are just words. They do not have to make a sentance. We will play two rounds with different people. The winner of each round will face off with each other for a cash prize. Only one winner. So practice on getting your memory sharpe. Get your reservations in now....


Saturday the 7th
Gigolo Night
7:00 PM

Ok guys get ready to play GIGOLO. Ladies will get a set amount of PLAY MONEY when you come in. Guy will have to get that money from you somehow... IDEAS: Best pick-up line, lap dance, massage, maybe they will just ask for it, or anything else you can think of. The guy with the most PLAY MONEY at 1am will win a gift certificate for dinner. Blair THE HOUSE
Saturday the 21st
Casino Night
7:00 PM

Come play some of your favorite casino games here at THE HOUSE. We will have Roulette, 3 card poker, and Black Jack. When you arrive you will receive X amount of chips to play with. You can choose to play games with your chips or barter for your chips. Examples, Begging, asking friends for chips, showing something for chips. Entirely up to you. Some tables will open at 9pm the rest at 10:30. At 1:00 a.m. all games will shut down and the couple with the most chips wins a prize. You won't be disappointed in the prize. Make your reservations ASAP before we fill up.

If you would like to come to the party, go to the reservations page and follow the instructions.